Speeding through the village has been reported a few times to the parish council. The recent discussion on this topic was in September 2021 minutes item 6.3.

Here are some options that the council is considering:

Speeding Signs

The parish council has the power to provide road signs as per the Highways Act 1980.

As the village has no street lighting, solar powered signs would be required and such signs are typically around the £2,500 each (excluding installation costs). With several signs required, the council felt that the cost is prohibitive given there is no guarantee that additional signs will solve the problem.

Report Speeding

If any resident is concerned about speeding in the village, a report can be filed with North Yorkshire Police. The NYP website has a useful document that provides information about the process together with a form (at the bottom of the document).

Community Speed Watch

North Yorkshire Police have a scheme whereby residents can borrow a calibrated speed gun and record speeds of vehicles in the village. More details about Speed Watch are available on the NYP website.

A group of volunteers in the village have created a Community Speed Watch group. The group have now been trained and will report any speeding vehicles to North Yorkshire Police.

The statistics gathered from this activity will be reported at the regular meetings of the parish council.

20’s Plenty

A nationwide action group has been setup in support of a 20 mph speed limits though residential areas. The group’s website provides lots of information, and they are also have a twitter account.

Government advice on 20mph zones is available on their website.


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