There are a number of organisations in the parish of Acaster Malbis that provides grants to individuals, organisations and businesses of the parish.

Acaster Malbis Parish Council

Each year, the Parish Council sets aside a percentage of its precept to award grants to local community groups and organisations, with the aim of supporting projects that improve or enhance the parish and are beneficial to our community.

The council has a grants policy that provides information and the criteria used to assess applications. Application and questions should be made via the clerk.

The parish council is committed to providing assistance and support  to local community groups and organisations which are set up to promote and improve community life for Acaster Malbis residents.

The John Knowles and John Kettlewell Charity

In 1603 John Knowles (smallholding landowner in Acaster Malbis) bequeathed £30 to be used for loans for the poorest tenants of Acaster Malbis which were administered by the trustees of the charity. This paved the way for John Kettlewell (a former trustee) in 1839 to bequeath £100 to increase the allowances available to those in need, hence the charity became known as the John Knowles and John Kettlewell Charity. The charity was registered with the Charity Commission in 1932 and holds the charity registration number 244661. Minutes dating back to the early 1900s make interesting reading as some grants were issued as sacks of coal, flour or medical aid.

Today the charity offers a grant to anyone in the parish who is suffering from hardship due to illness, an accident or any other form of need. The grants are made at the discretion of the trustees who meet twice a year.

Applications should be made directly (in confidence) to the Secretary, Vicki Joughin. Applications are invited from both potential beneficiaries and nominations from those who are aware of the hardship of others. Please note all beneficiaries must reside in the parish of Acaster Malbis.

Knowles Educational Foundation

The Knowles Educational Fund are a charity set up to provide assistance towards the cost of educational needs of schoolchildren and college/university students from the villages of Acaster Malbis and Naburn.

We are a charity set up to provide assistance towards the cost of educational needs of schoolchildren and college/university students from the villages of Acaster Malbis and Naburn.

Applications are considered for financial assistance towards the cost of:

  • Extra-curriculum lessons and exams
  • Educational trips organised by schools/colleges
  • Educational books required for coursework
  • Educational equipment required for courses, including computers
  • Any other costs incurred in relation to educational courses

Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees who meet 3 times a year – usually in March, June and October. The Trustees decision is final.

For further information, or to submit an application, please contact the Secretary.

Charity number 529183

Acaster Malbis Community Events

The village and civil parish of Acaster Malbis has a population of some 700 people. It is a varied community, of all ages, inhabiting all kinds of accommodation including a significant park home population, with largely retired and elderly residents.

Save for a single public house, there are no amenities in the village – no school, shops or post office.

This means there are limited opportunities to bring the villagers together, particularly when it comes to including the whole community as a cohesive unit, young and old, across the whole social spectrum.

There is a Memorial Hall in the village, which is well maintained and available for hire, but there is no group or committee devoted to ensuring events or activities taking place in this building.

By ensuring that regular group activities take place in the village, we aim to provide the opportunity for young and old to meet, interact with the express purpose of building bonds, reducing isolation, loneliness and build community spirit.

By inviting volunteers from all parts of the community to help to organise activities, the very act of coming together in the organising can be as beneficial in this respect as the participation in the activity itself.

What is available?

It is our core belief to offer assistance to any individual, charity or group in the form of grants or our time and knowledge who can demonstrate that their mission statement is in line with ours.

To whom is it available?

Grants and assistance will be available to residents of Acaster Malbis and the surrounding area, as described in our charitable purpose, or that the work carried out is specific to this area.

Supporting documents may be requested to establish this.

How should I apply?

Applications, in the first instance should be made via email to outlining the specific needs of the project.

The criteria for a successful application will include but not limited to demonstrating the credibility of the project, showing how it will build community spirit and how this will be achieved.

During the lifetime of the project, it must be shown there is a level of accountability within the group.

The Charity needs to be satisfied that this grant will be used for beneficial purposes,

From time-to-time AMCE must retain the option to examine the finances and the continued suitability of the project.


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