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You may not be aware but we have an interloper in our village. Silently and purposefully taking over our waterways and riverside paths. Looking pretty, it can even fool the bees, but it’s actually a brute. It spreads its seed. It dominates. It smothers all around it, threatening the lives of our beautiful natives and the homes of our local inhabitants.

We can defeat this Himalayan Balsam brute if we all pull together (no pun intended) and persevere.

Call to arms

Well, gardening gloves really! We really need as many volunteers as we can muster to rid us of this pervasive menace!

Please pressgang/hog-tie your neighbours, alternatively we would be happy if you just ask them to join in. Happy for you to bring teenagers too, they have so much energy! The more the merrier, even just an hour, you know the saying, many hands make light work.

Health Warning :- Balsam Bashing is surprisingly addictive!


Please do contact me with the date(s) you can spare some time. If you are not available for any of the dates below let me know when you are free, we may be able to arrange additional bashing dates! It’s a community initiative so let’s work together.

No experience required, we give full instructions on the day and it’s really not rocket science! Himalayan balsam is easy to pull up, snap it, throw it on the ground, then dance on it of you like!

Jane Redfearn on 07962 258115


Each Friday and Saturday morning throughout June and into July we will be Balsam Bashing in the village. For all dates the time is 10:00 – 12:00. Details of the areas we are will be posted nearer the time.

June 2 & 3

June 9 & 10

June 23 & 24

June 30

July 1, 7 & 8